Discipline the City

The city cares for you. Design thinking creates better public spaces that promote citizens’ health, happiness, and well being. Algorithms harness data to ensure the optimisation of traffic, labour and goods. The city is not always perfect, but it is always learning, always upgrading. Community is strengthened, heritage is preserved, old buildings and nature reserves are rehabilitated. Under the shade of neatly planted trees, citizens march on to school, to work. The discerning citizen is always upgrading.

You are empowered by the following approved programmes.


The discerning citizen is continuously devising methods of alternate thinking. He/She is hungry for discovery and advancement.

Salon lectures feature close readings of art, architecture and social phenomena that cater to the incurably curious. These topics arise from the idiosyncratic interests of each speaker and are focused on the works of others. Through such close readings, citizens uncover alternative ways of thinking and reading the city.

Salon Lectures run every first Friday of each month from May—December 2017.


The discerning citizen is naturally inquisitive about the problems of his/her city. He/she enjoys working together with others for the betterment of their city.

Workshop programmes equip citizens to better navigate the codes and rules of the city, either through authoring the city through interventions, or reclaiming their ability to design and actively shape the spaces that they live in. Collectively, these programmes question: how may the city be made more open, easily usable and adaptable?

Workshop Programmes run every first Friday of each month from May—December 2017.


The discerning citizen observes models of urban life. He/She seeks possibilities for asserting his/her sense of purpose, freedom and self.

From hyperactive cities to languid villages or post-apocalyptic slums, Cinema explores the urban conditioning of bodies by routines, ideologies or police control. Anchored by the opening film of Tokyo!, the four selected films follow protagonists as they struggle to rise above cyclic states of discipline. Through the sub-themes of Transformation, Anarchy, and Rebirth, the collection reveals how places shape their inhabitants.

Title of the films will be revealed one week before screening. Cinema Screenings run every first Wednesday of each month from May—August 2017.