Discipline the City

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Stop the City... Revisited

by Stevphen Shukaitis


Born out of the anarcho-punk scene, Stop the City demonstrations of 1983-84 were a series of performances and events to blockade and disrupt ‘The City’ (the financial district of London). Protesters and activists coalesced around artists like Crass, Subhumans and Poison Girls. Punk was not only a music and subculture, but a serious proposition of alternative politics built upon Do-It-Yourself practices connected through social centres, performance venues, and independent media. This exhibition brings together images and materials from this anarcho-punk forerunner to other large scale protests in Western democracies like Occupy Wall Street.


Stevphen Shukaitis is a Senior Research Associate in School of Philosophy and Art History at the University of Essex. and a member of the Autonomedia editorial collective. Since 2009 he has coordinated and edited Minor Compositions (http://www.minorcompositions.info). He is the author of Imaginal Machines: Autonomy & Self-Organization in the Revolutions of Everyday Day (2009) and The Composition of Movements to Come: Aesthetics and Cultural Labor After the Avant-Garde (2016), and editor (with Erika Biddle and David Graeber) of Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations // Collective Theorization (AK Press, 2007). His research focuses on the emergence of collective imagination in social movements and the changing compositions of cultural and artistic labor.

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