Discipline the City



Michael Chiang’s hit comedy “Army Daze” is fondly remembered by generations of Singaporeans as a pioneering work in English language theatre (1987) and cinema (1996).

This lecture examines one of the work’s most memorable characters: Kenny Pereira, a flamboyantly effeminate Eurasian recruit undergoing Basic Military Training. Though he appears as a caricature, he is also the only character to directly criticise the institution of National Service. Examine the political, social and cultural confluences that led to the creation of this character, the nuances of his variant portrayals by different actors, and his subtle but enduring impact on Singaporean theatre and film.


Ng Yi-Sheng
Ng Yi-Sheng is a Singaporean writer and LGBT activist. In 2008, he won the Singapore Literature Prize for his debut poetry collection last boy. His other books include the novel Eating Air and the recently published Loud Poems for a Very Obliging Audience. He is a founding member of the spoken word troupe Party Action People and an organiser of the annual queer literary reading ContraDiction. He has also created performances with companies such as TheatreWorks, W!ld Rice, Toy Factory Theatre, Musical Theatre Ltd and Dance Fission. He tweets and Instagrams at @yishkabob