Discipline the City



Save Your Streets: A Walkability Game

The discerning citizen is active in maintaining the safety and enjoyment of their surroundings.

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The liveability of our neighbourhoods starts from the design of our streets. Using the Save Your Streets Participatory Planning Toolkit, participants get to be the architect and planner of a neighbourhood for a day. Participants will understand how their streets are planned and, working in groups, use creative problem-solving skills to create better streets.

This workshop is open to all.


Participate in Design
Participate in Design (P!D) is a registered non-profit design, planning and educational organisation that helps neighbourhoods and public institutions in Singapore design community-owned spaces and solutions. P!D is dedicated to engaging and enabling people in shaping their everyday environments and local communities. Founded on the firm belief that everyone has the right to participate in and influence the design and planning processes that affect them, P!D provides services in designing and facilitating the public participation and engagement process concerning the built environment.