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[UPDATED: 31 July 2017]

The Secret Film for August is Only Lovers Left Alive (dir. Jim Jarmusch).

Jim Jarmusch’s ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE tells the tale of two fragile and sensitive vampires, Adam and Eve, who have been lovers for centuries. ​Adam, a reclusive underground musician hiding out in the ruins of contemporary Detroit, despairs about human civilization’s decline, and worries about future survival. Eve, takes a longer view of history and is more optimistic. As blood has been tainted by the zombies (humans), the formerly immortal Adam and Eve must secure uncontaminated blood from hospitals or they will perish.​ The couple's​ precarious footing is further threatened by the uninvited arrival of Eve’s carefree and uncontrollable little sister Ava.



The film's title will be revealed closer to the date of the screening.

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Jim Jarmusch