Discipline the City



PPAP, Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style: A composer's double take on viral Youtube music content.

The discerning citizen is rigorous in keeping abreast of current affairs.

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The body has been disciplined through the rapid production, reproduction and consumption of cultural content in a post-capitalist society. Identify the precendents to viral music content in a hypersocial world through an analysis of contagion factors present within Harlem Shake, Psy's Gangnam Style and Pikotaro's PPAP.


Li-Chuan Chong
Li-Chuan Chong is a Singaporean composer with a keen interest in philosophy, culture and the arts. As a practitioner, Li-Chuan's activities run the gamut of acoustic composition, electroacoustic sound, sonic art, installation, free improvisation, 'live' electronics, site-specific and collaborative work involving music and sound as key elements. Li-Chuan's career in music and sound started in the late '90s, freelancing as a composer and sound designer in collaboration with practitioners in theatre, dance, visual arts, and architecture. His works have been presented in the UK, Japan and Singapore. Please visit Li-Chuan's SoundCloud channel for a listen: https://soundcloud.com/li-chuan-chong