Discipline the City



Our bodies are physical, but also social constructions. They carry relationships, norms, values, habits and questions. What are our relationships today, and what could they be in the future?  This series of movement workshops offer a space where participants can sensitise themselves to concealed questions of their bodies, and start thinking about the politics of the bodies of the city. 

With contact improvisation and somatic dance practices as a basis, the workshops will work with touch and movement as relational practices, and explore ideas about group identity and exclusion, personal and societal space, privilege and power. The material for these workshops has been devised in dialogue with other practitioners of the international Radical Contact community.

No prior dance experience required. Bodies of all identities and all abilities are welcome. 


Chan Sze-Wei
Sze stepped into a dance class for a university P.E. requirement, and hasn’t stopped dancing since. After a degree in Political Science, she swapped a civil service career for dance, training at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and London Contemporary Dance School. Blending conceptual, interactive, improvisatory and cross-cultural approaches for theatres, public spaces, performance installation and film, her work is often intimate and sometimes invasively personal, reaching for social issues, identity and gender.  The thread of her work with embodied activism connects her practice of contact improvisation and somatics with questions about society, the body, politics and power. www.oddpuppies.com


Date & Venue

Session 1
4 Aug, Friday 
The space of my body—personal space, consent and boundaries
Centre 42
Rehearsal Studio

Session 2
7 Aug, Monday
The group body and the individual
The Substation
Dance Studio

Session 3
14 Aug, Monday
Equal but different—social relations and privilege
The Substation
Dance Studio

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