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If eating is a communal activity, then food spaces – spaces where food is cultivated, transported, prepared, cooked and eaten – are common spaces. How do we think about such spaces and their design? How can we integrate food spaces better with our daily lives? 

In session 1, participants look at learnings from an urban farm set-up in the city. By visiting a selected site, participants will decide on some principles needed for building common food spaces. In session 2, participants work with these principles from session 1 to sketch ideas or prototypes that help them imagine how such spaces may function.

Sketches from session 1 and 2 will be worked into material that can be used to inform future work in the area with on-the-ground stakeholders.

This workshop is open to all.


Ng Huiying
Huiying explores links between agroecology, open/welcoming spaces for new imaginations of urban life, and community resilience. She is developing an approach to community-based research of urban green space. Her praxis is guided by ideas of ecological and activist citizenship and the crucial role of autonomy and human motivation, and she works towards creating the social environments necessary to support these. She is part of multidisciplinary green place-making collective TANAH, and co-founder of Foodscape Collective, a Singapore-based initiative to learn about the role of communities and gardens in sustaining the life of cities.

Date & Venue

Session 1
5 May, Friday 
Fieldtrip to an urban farm set-up

Meet at Aljunied MRT control station

Session 2
12 May, Friay
Hands-on designing & prototyping 

The Substation

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