Discipline the City



Orchard Road, as seen from recent news headlines, has lost its attraction. While it projects a glossy international image, it remains a place that people lack a sense of belonging to. How could one create an intervention that could help reconfigure Orchard Road as a space for greater social interactions to build a sense of belonging? This series of workshops leads participants through a participatory process to conceptualise an intervention that generates much-needed conversations and engagement with Orchard Road.

These workshops are open to all aged 16 - 35 years old.


Quek Jia Qi
Jia Qi is a multi-disciplinary artist who believes in the arts’ capacity for introspection, connection and community engagement. Working with relational aesthetics, narratives, and public spaces, she explores the arts’ potential in breaking personal and social barriers to enable confrontation of the necessary dialogues and the everyday. Based in London and Singapore, she has exhibited public installations and in galleries such as the Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore Galleries, Capitol Piazza, 5th Base Gallery London, and published various commissioned illustrations. Currently, she is pursuing Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Karen Lam
Karen enjoys writing her own creative pieces much more than studying texts as an undergraduate of English Literature in NUS. Her interests lie in engaging with the community, and the collection of narratives of the everyday. She hopes to always be able to find new ways of expression through various mediums of art. When not involved in any creative projects, she spends her time trekking up mountains. 


Date & Venue

Session 1
7 Jul, Friday
Orientation + Brainstorming
The Substation

Session 2
9 Jul, Sunday
Orchard Road

Session 3
22 Jul, Saturday
Prototyping & Art-making
The Substation

Session 4
End Jul
Intervention (TBC)
Venue TBC



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