Discipline the City



Every year during the Hungry Ghost Festival, a spiritual city springs into being. In this 2-part walking workshop, participants will explore and examine the social and spiritual rites of Hungry Ghost Festival through the use of photography.

In part 1, participants are led on an evening walking tour of an HDB estate during the Hungry Ghost Festival, understanding, analysing and photographing everyday spirituality.

In part 2, participants will convene at the Substation to discuss and pin up their photographs, eventually developing a combined photographic essay of the spiritual city.

This workshop is open to participants of all ages willing to walk for 1-2 hours in an urban environment.

Requirements: Participants must bring a camera (smartphone, compact, DSLR, etc)


Terence Heng
Dr Terence Heng is an Assistant Professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology. He is the winner of the 2015 Sociological Review Prize for Outstanding Scholarship, and inaugural International Visual Sociology Association’s Prosser Award. His work revolves around documenting Chinese religion and spiritual spaces in Singapore, which has been published in journals such as Cultural Geographies, Geographical Review, The Sociological Review and Visual Communication. He is the author of Visual Methods in the Field: Photography for the Social Sciences.

Date & Venue

Session 1
5 Sep, Tuesday
Field visit to HDB estate during Hungry Ghost Month
Venue TBD

Session 2
8 Sep, Friday
Creating a photographic essay of the spiritual city
The Substation

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