Discipline the City

All Curators are B____


The Interim A.D.:

Shaiful Risan is one of the leading personalities and gatekeepers of punk and subculture in Singapore. As a tireless and eloquent champion for the rejects — what he affectionately calls Normal Stream — he was rejected for the role of Artistic Director in 2016. Now he creates a parallel universe, a manifesto for all that is, and all that it could be.


SHAIFUL RISAN is involved in a lot of things; from subculture events to theater to crew work; from being an actor, a director and a host/emcee to a co-ordinator of many more things. He is also known to be an intermediary between various disciplines and a proxy advisory assistant to a few projects within the umbrella of arts and entertainment. He is a proud void deck Mat that doesnt shy away from intellectual confrontations and rigid arguments about how things are.

Date & Venue


21 Oct 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm  
22 Oct 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm
4 Nov 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
5 Nov 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm
11 Nov 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
12 Nov 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm



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