Discipline the City

All Curators are B____


All Guides Are Bipolar:

Punk he is, but eloquent and well versed in the art — this is Beep, a museum docent who’ll guide you through the exhibition. On the flip side, literally, Shuwab is bitter, jobless and hates art. Both of them share a single body. This trippy tour is a metaphor for our love-hate relationship with art, and is 100% guaranteed to give you a head-turning, head-banging, headache.


Farez Najid was trained in BA(Acting) Lasalle College of the Arts for 2 Years. His work’s include “Prism” (Toy Factory Productions 2017), “Geylang” (WILD RICE 2016), and Tan Tarn How’s “Lady Soul and the Ultimate “S” Machine” (Esplanade Presents: 2015). Farez aspires to be an educator in the realm of theatre education.

Date & Venue


10 Sep 2017, Sun, 4-pm–5pm
16 Sep 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm 
17 Sep 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm
23 Sep 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm 
24 Sep 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm





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