Discipline the City

All Curators are B____


Get Up, Stand Up:

People say Murali's nothing more than a punk. Murali says he's an artist. He wants you to question why you don't think he's an artist. What is art, why is art, and who is art? National Service looms; Murali paints an existential and comedic accounting of his life in the city.


Murali is about to enlist in National Service. 

Date & Venue


9 Sep 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm  
7 Oct 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm  
8 Oct 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm  
14 Oct 2017, Sat, 4pm–5pm
15 Oct 2017, Sun, 4pm–5pm 



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