Discipline the City



Amin and Mimie


Amin and Mimie are Husband and Wife. Owner of Decline. Parents to 4 beautiful/naughty children. They are huge fans of local music group, Plainsunset, and describes the song ”Photo Of Us” as a spot on narration of their lives.

Amin considers himself a scene kid as he started became a “skinhead” when he was 12. A local music enthusiast, Amin and his friends formed Generation 69, which played most recently at this year's BayBeats.

Mimie fell in love with the punk rock scene after being exposed to the music. Her sister is a musician with Stoned Revivals.

Their children are –Estee, a 10 year old punkrock girl who listens to NOFX and Fifth Harmony; Elma, a demure 6 year old who isn't really big on live gigs but still listens to Booze & Edian, 3, a little legit gentleman currently fascinated with drums; and Eimaan, the youngest addition to the family, who is still clueless.